🕷️💀Top Five Halloween Reads – Alyson Morbin🕷️💀


Written by Neil Gaiman in 2002, Coraline is the perfect book to read if you’re new to horror.

Intended to be a children’s book, many teenagers and adults enjoy this creepy tale about a girl named Coraline who discovers a secret door in her new house that leads her to all kinds of strange trouble.



A Stephen King classic, written in 1983, and adapted into two films in 1989 and 2019.

The story centres on a doctor and his family who move into a new house in the small town of Ludlow. The family soon run into trouble when they discover a mysterious burial ground hidden in the woods nearby.

When interviewed on his work, Stephen King said this book scared him the most. So make sure to keep the lights on…



This book, by Susan Hill, is mostly known for its legendary film adaptation in 2012, and the book is no less eerie.

It follows the story of Athur Kipps, who stays in a house on the East coast of England to attend a funeral. During his stay he encounters a sequence of chilling events, unexplained noises, and appearances by the Woman in Black. This book does exactly as it should: creeps, unsettles, and horrifies.



Also written by the master of horror, Stephen King, and published in 1977, this book never loses its reputation as one of the best horrors of all time. The Shining takes place in the Overlook Hotel, an isolated resort which houses a history of several gruesome deaths within its walls. The plot follows Jack Torrence, his wife Wendy, and their son Danny, as they move in to the hotel after Jack takes the position of winter caretaker. Things take a turn when Wendy and Danny find themselves stuck alone in the hotel with the increasingly violent Jack. Three months suddenly seem like a very long time…

This book is a must-read for any fan of horror, and is probably the most well known of Stephen King’s books.



Written by another well-known horror writer, James Herbert, The Secret of Crickley Hall is bound to give you chills.

The story is about a family still recovering from the loss of their missing son, who move into a large house in London. They settle in, but before long strange things start to happen. They begin to look into the history of the house, and what they find is truly chilling…

This book is quite a hefty read, but once you get in to it it’s well worth it. Word of warning – don’t read at night!




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